A feature article on sexual harassment in Bournemouth

A feature article on sexual harassment in Bournemouth

Why is Sexual Assault So Wrong?

According to Di Gray, a crisis support worker, commented about the reason behind sexual assault cases in Bournemouth “It’s the drinking, mostly. Quite often they either come in and report that they have lost consciousness through drinking or they think they may have their drinks spiked.”

A representative of Good Night Out, Olivia Snook, gave her thought about sexually abused women.

“Sexual harassment on nights out is part of a bigger picture of sexual violence in society, which is caused by inequalities under the patriarchy.  These inequalities lead to people who hold privilege in this unequal society having a sense of entitlement to other people’s bodies and space.   ” -Olivia Snook, a representative of Good Night Out

To prove this, I googled “nightclub isn’t a place to pull” and the searches that came up are encouraging the act of pulling. Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 1.05.40 AM.png

This idea that of pulling in nightclubs is the reason why sexual assault is such an issue. There has long been an issue of perpetrators arguing that drunks are not conscious to consent, hence, bringing us back to the topic of entitlement of body and space. For consent to make sense, a video recommended Di Gray uses tea as an analogy of sex.

Another common sexual assault people experience in nightclubs are physical touches that are unwelcomed, like a pinch in the bum or a stranger grinding their groin area on your body while dancing in the club. This is nothing like rape, although it should not be taken lightly. These acts push asssault to go further into rape. What’s worse is that bouncers and police do not pay as much attention to assaults like these because it is not worth their time. Olivia Snook commented that acts like these “is seen by some people as ‘a compliment’, ‘a joke’ or many other numbers of things which aren’t ‘a violation upon another’s body and space’.  As such, some people experiencing harassment will minimize their experience for fear they might be seen as kicking up a fuss”.

It is important for one to not take sexual assault lightly. It’s time for society to be educated about consent in any areas. What’s more is that victims of sexual assault should not blame themselves for what happened to them. It is important to understand that the only person to blame is the perpetrator with no self-control.

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