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Celebrity journalism doesn’t matter anymore with social media — Or does it?

Thanks to social media, celebrity journalism has evolved in order to adapt to our current social trends. Here’s how…

It is no secret that celebrities are all over the internet. Back then, celebrities had to rely on journalists to remain relevant in society. However it is definitely easier to connect with fans with the existence of social media today.


Does journalism still matter now that celebrities can connect to fans directly through social media?

Remember when Chrissy Teigen announced her second pregnancy on Instagram? Social media helps stars like Chrissy Teigen to keep their fans in the loop about their lives. It seems as though without social media, we can only rely on journalists to tell us that Chris Hemsworth is pumping gas. However, considering the existence of celebrity news in The Sun, Daily Star, Hello!, Buzzfeed, etc., celebrity journalism is still relevant to an extent right?

The truth is, celebrities only share what they want us to know.

“News is what someone, somewhere, wants concealed. Everything else is advertising.” –Izzy Stone

According to API (American Press Institute), the first obligation of a journalist is to seek truth. In the context of celebrity journalism, the photos posted by celebrities are merely “advertising”, journalists would rather dig deeper into these photos and the lives of the celebrities to share with us the juiciest details of Taylor Swift’s next hate song.

So while celebrities are posting their workout regime on Snapchat, journalists are out looking for evidence that they went straight to Taco Bell after. So to answer the question: Yes, celebrity journalism still matters. It digs into the filtered information that celebrities leave out on purpose. Face it, that’s news.

Has social media changed the way celebrity journalism works?

I’m not going to lie, I don’t follow every celebrity that I know on social media. It’s just too much effort and I actually have a life. Believe it or not, I don’t have Snapchat. So how do I keep up with these celebrities and learn that Chris Pratt has split with Anna Faris (No, I do not follow them on social media as well)? I get a quick summary from the tabloids. I would never know Taylor Swift is releasing a new single without BuzzFeed telling me so.

In one way or another, celebrity journalists bring together a bunch of information and summarize into an article.

Social media has also provided journalists a source for news.

“Journalists have immediate access to celebrities and their opinions like never before,” Calvert said. “Newsrooms have social media teams, scouring multi platforms for stories and it’s often celebrities who help break them by doing something as simple as, for example, following or unfollowing another celebrity, which hints of either a new romance or a break up.” –Gemma Calvert, a freelance entertainment journalist

The truth is, entertainment news will be nowhere as interesting without social media. It is where journalists dive deep into a Twitter feud between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, and make news out of it. If journalists report celebrity news the old school way, they risk the chance of being sued for invasion of privacy or defamation. Why take the risk when you can shove celebrities’ words in their face?

Although social media may seem to have taken the jobs out of journalists, it doesn’t mean we should cancel our Hello! Magazine subscription immediately. Social media has changed the way journalists work, and definitely provided a wonderful platform in curating news for the public.


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