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Fenty Beauty Foundation & Trophy Wife Review

Over Easter Break I was home in Singapore when I went to Sephora and bought the critically acclaimed Fenty Beauty. Here is what I think about it. 

Fenty Beauty was quite pricey so I ended up just buying the two most popular items since the beauty line was released – Foundation (SGD50) & the Trophy Wife Highlighter (SGD50). Let’s just say when my partner asked how much it costs in total, the only answer I could come up with was “I don’t know”. I think Clark knows my “I don’t know” basically means “It’s better if you not know”. 

The Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

First of all, the bottle is quite sleek and simple. I didn’t really know what to expect when I first got this foundation. After all, the reason why Fenty got so much hype was for its wide range of shades available. However, I’m not going to lie but there are many beauty brands I came across with similar, if not more, shades. Yes, they tend to be luxury brands but Fenty Beauty isn’t really drugstore to begin with. Maybe it’s because I have a lighter skin tone so I never felt like I missed out or had much trouble finding my shade. 

Apart from the wide range of shades available, is it really worth S$50? When I bought this foundation, I just came back from sun-less Bournemouth so I wasn’t exactly tan. However, after spending a couple days in Singapore, I did see a change in my skin tone and it was sad to say that my old foundation didn’t exactly match anymore. Oh well! Since I’m in Singapore where Sephora exists, I decided to set out on an adventure to find my Fenty Foundation. 

Upon arriving at Sephora where I was matched by a kind lady, I was given Shade 170. I was a little skeptical about the shade because it seemed quite light on my skin but the lady assured me that it’s my shade. 


The Test (excuse my tan lines from Krabi)

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What can I say about this? 

  • It is a buildable medium coverage. 
  • Soft matte finish – which I love. 
  • It feels light on the skin
  • It is extremely liquidy so if you’re applying from the back of your hands, it might drip if you’re not careful. Also, the beauty blender will absorb the product much quicker than other liquid foundation. 
  I used a total of 2 pumps, as seen on the back of my hands.

When I first applied it with my beauty blender, I was a little upset with the color tone as it was very much lighter than when I first bought it. This is probably due to Krabi where I got tanner. But I was told that the foundation oxidizes so it will set into its actual shade, which tends to be a shade or two darker. Fingers cross…

Because this foundation has a matte finish, it does feel a little dry on my skin. So if you have dry skin, I will not recommend this foundation for you. 

Trophy Wife Highlighter 

After I applied my foundation, I moved on to loose powder, did my brows, and contoured. Finally, it was time for the Trophy Wife highlighter. 

This highlighter was bought out of a bold move. Never in a million years would I think I could pull this off. But let’s be honest, the glitter is quite irresistible. 

If you look at the swatch on the back of my hand, it is very obvious and “out there”. But I decided to give it a go anyway. Instead of applying it with my usual highlighter brush, I opted for a fan brush for a natural effect. 

The fan brush did the trick. Obviously, it is not what you would call natural, but you can’t really expect the ultimate natural highlighter from a product that calls itself “Trophy Wife”. Not to mention, it’s GOLD.

I absolutely love this highlighter because it is multi-use. Not only did I use it for my cheekbones, I also used it on my lip at the cupid’s bow and the inner corners of my eyes. It definitely acts character to your plain old “natural” makeup.



This is how the highlighter looks after applying with a fan brush.



 The Finishing Look

After I am done with my makeup, I went out to meet a friend for a few hours.

The Final Verdict

As you can see, the foundation did set into my shade so thank god! It stayed on very well but since I’m in Bournemouth, I barely sweat. I would really like to see how the foundation would fend in tropical weather.  

The Trophy Wife, on the other hand, looked really good at the beginning but after awhile it didn’t stay in place. Instead, it dispersed all over my face. It just looked like I had glitter everywhere. That was a little annoying but since it’s a product that you don’t use on a daily basis, it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. 

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation: 7/10

Is the foundation worth the price? Maybe. I personally think we are just paying for the name. It’s not a bad product but there are other brands that work just as well for a similar price, if not cheaper. The foundation was definitely not worth the hype, partially due to its liquidness so I felt like my beauty blender absorbed most of the product. I could use a brush for application but I always feel that a brush will cause streaks, hence it’s not my favorite method.

Also, if you have dry skin, this foundation might not be ideal.

Trophy Wife: 5/10

Yes, I did love the product at first but I gave it a 5/10 just because of the price. I found it extremely overpriced for a product that doesn’t stay in place. I could probably use a glittery eyeshadow and a fan brush for a similar effect. 


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