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Krabi – The Heaven on Earth

Earlier in April 2018, I took a trip to Krabi, Thailand with my parents and Clark. We were there for 3 days. I wish we were there for more. It was my second time in Krabi. The first time I went was during my senior year of high school with my mom. There is a reason why I went back.

Where is Krabi?

Here is the thing, Krabi is relatively big. However, the tourism spot where my family and I spent most of our time was Aonang. It’s a strip of life and culture along the coast of Southern Thailand. 

Why Krabi?

Apart from all the activities you get to do (I’ll get to that in a bit), it’s a cheaper alternative from popular places like Phuket and Bangkok. So if you’re a student or just traveling on a budget, go to Krabi. You won’t miss out much.

The Streets

Like I said, Aonang is along the coast of Southern Thailand, so shopping was inevitable. Some items are quite pricey at first but you need to haggle. My dad said that we should haggle up to 30-40% off the price they give. Otherwise, shopping is great! Cute and comfortable clothes, cheap stuff, and all that fun stuff. Even the souvenirs are interesting. I kid you not, there were bottle openers in the shape of a penis, penis keychain, wood-carved porn as an ashtray (pretty much wood figurines in any position possible from the book of karma sutra), etc. Of course, there are nice non-sexual souvenirs as well. I bought a really pretty notebook that screams THAILAND (It doesn’t really scream that. It just has a very “Thailand” vibe)!

The food… Where do I even begin? I’m a huge fan of seafood so Thailand is heaven. I would always say that if I live in Thailand, I’ll eat seafood every day, even if it means I die from high cholesterol or any other tragic illness. At least I’ll die happy. The must-try food in Krabi has to be Tom Yum (if you’re into spicy food), pineapple fried rice, this special crepes thing, and barbecue. I am obsessed with shrimps. I bought this gigantic plate of shrimps for 250baht. Don’t even get me started on the cocktails. There are literally street stalls that sell cocktails for 100baht each. A Long Island iced tea for 100baht is quite awesome.  It’s not every day you get to buy alcohol on the streets, so do it.

Don’t even get me started on the cocktails. There are literally street stalls that sell cocktails for 100baht each. A Long Island iced tea for 100baht is quite awesome.  It’s not every day you get to buy alcohol on the streets, so do it.


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Paddling our way to serenity

The first day of Krabi, my partner and I spent kayaking. I’m not quite sure where they brought us to but it’s this beautiful area with caves. As tiring as it was, no words could describe the serenity you get from the experience. 

I’m not going to lie, Clark and I were the slowest out of our entire tour group. This excursion somehow became a race. Don’t judge me. Whether you admit it or not, your human nature will want to compete. I found myself unconsciously cheering (in my head) when we were at the front, or screaming in frustration (in my head) when we fall behind. I did mostly screaming. I blame it on Clark. He is quite a buff guy so he is heavy. He slowed us down. Hehe!

But my gosh was it exhausting! Towards the end of the trip when we started paddling back to shore, we got so tired we fell behind. Like waaayyyyy behind. Because we were panicking as everyone was already near the shore, we started paddling harder. Paddling harder doesn’t make you go any faster, FYI. 

The key to kayaking:

1. Don’t panic

2. Paddle fast, not hard.

3. Synchronize with your partner.

4. Choose a lighter partner

If you enjoy achy arms and serenity in one place, this trip is for you. <—- I’m not selling it, am I? But at least you know this is an honest review. 


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The 4 Islands

On our second day, we went on this excursion called 4 islands via longtail boat. We were planning on going to Phi Phi Island initially but because it was more expensive than 4 Islands, we decided to go for a cheaper option. Hey, islands are just sand and ocean after all eh? 

Island #1 Phra Nang Cave Island

This island was pretty big. But the highlight of this island has to be the cave, as you can tell from the name itself. 

What’s so fascinating? Okay, this is my best description of the cave. Wait for it…. 

It’s full of penises!!!!

In all sizes. In every color. Some with ribbons on them. Some even made out of fabric. I honestly had never been surrounded by so many penises in one place before.

Why? It has something to do with a princess. The locals transformed the cave into a shrine dedicated to Phra Nang (it means Princess Goddess). When fishermen go out into the open sea, they would pray to this princess for safety before leaving. After they arrived home, they would return to this shrine and present the princess with offerings of penises. From what I’ve heard, this princess was also important to locals with infertility problems, hence the penises. It also explains a lot about the souvenir I was talking about and the penis-like cliff before we arrived on the Phra Nang Cave Island.

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of the cave as Clark and I felt uncomfortable taking pictures of a place of worship. But I found this video on YouTube.

What do I have to say about the beach of Phra Nang? Well, it’s a little rocky to be honest. Usually, it won’t be too much of a problem but we weren’t allowed to wear shoes on any of the islands. Our tour guides took them before our tour began. The water was calm but we were not in it for long

Island #2 Tup Island

This island was small when we went there because it was high tide. We were told that if it was a low tide day, we could walk to other islands. But hey ho! The beach is definitely less rocky than Phra Nang Island. Since it’s just a tiny island strip, there is nothing much there. It is a beautiful place to soak in the sun and swim if that’s what you like to do. 

Island #3 Chicken Island

Okay, we didn’t actually stop at the Chicken Island. But we stopped nearby to snorkel. Why “Chicken”?

Well… It looks like a chicken. 

Anyway, we stopped for snorkeling. Listen, I can’t swim. Thank goodness for a lifejacket. When I climbed off the boat, I was clinging on to the ladder with my life. It took a lot of convincing from Clark before I let go. 

You see, I was really hyped about snorkelling because I really wanted to do it the last time I was in Krabi but had to cancel because of the weather. Let’s just say I was a little disappointed. There weren’t really much to see. We did saw school of tiny little fishes swimming about but that was it. No colorful corals. Nothing. Just small fishes. Maybe I had too high of an expectation from movies and photos.

However, it was still a fun experience because I’d never snorkeled, and it was my first time being in the deep ocean. 

*Tip: Don’t swim too far away from your boat. You will regret the journey back and have to hold on to your partner while he drag-swims you to the boat.

Of course, I don’t have photos of us snorkeling because I love my phone a little too much to bring it anywhere near the deep ocean. 

Island #4 Poda Island

They sure saved the best for the last. It is my favorite island mainly because the water felt incredible. I’m convinced that it has healing properties because as soon as I was in there, I forgot that I was burnt. The turquoise colored water with little fishes swimming around… Beautiful and refreshing. For a non-swimmer, I really appreciated how I could walk pretty deep into the open sea and still be able to feel the sand under my feet.

The beach itself is a little rocky but I don’t think it is as bad as Phra Nang if you’re walking on the right land. Well, I spent most of my time soaking in water so I’m not the best critic. 


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We were very lucky. It was unplanned but when we arrived in Krabi, we found out that on the 13th of April was Songkran. Basically, it’s New Years for the Thai people and they celebrate it by splashing water at anyone, everyone. So, of course, we had to arm ourselves with water guns for this occasion. If you’ve ever celebrated Songkran in Thailand, you will know that you shouldn’t expect to be dry the entire day. There were trucks with tubs of water ready to aim at anyone who walks by. You could walk down the street and have people shoot water from their water guns. Some of the locals even have pails of water ready to dump on people.

Boy was it fun! I personally think everyone should celebrate Songkran because of how much fun it is, OR Krabi could celebrate Songkran every day of the year and it will be known as “The Town That Never Dries”. 

Anyway, that is the end of my long chat about my trip to Krabi. Hope you’re not feeling too envious. 


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