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Tabloid news exists because we care

Celebrity news may seem insignificant in the world of political issues but it’s what keeps the media alive.

The other day I went on to do my routine checks every morning just to keep up with the world around me. I noticed something. The first thing I noticed was a photo of Meghan Markle joining the royal family for pre-Christmas lunch. The papparazzi style photo was the largest among the other stories.

It got me thinking…

“Do I really need to know that the future princess is having lunch?”

Well, not necessarily but I still found myself reading about Meghan Markle’s lunch with the royal family.

What good does celebrity news do though? We read and talk about the Brangelina split but does it actually impact our world?

Do we really need celebrity news?

According to a study conducted by Pew Research Center, 87% of the public believes that celebrities receive too much news coverage and 54% of them criticise news organizations for putting too much focus on celebrities rather than world issues.

Considering such high percentage, why do news organizations continue to cover celebrities if it is viewed so negatively?

As Charles Taylor stated on, “Having a celebirity on the cover sells magazines. That keeps advertisers and the publisher happy, and that, in the here-today, gone-tomorrow world of magazines, keep the editor employed.”

If the public dislikes celebrity news, how would magazines sell at the first place?

The thing is, the media covers about celebrities a lot, but do the public actually care? I know I do. I mean, you can deny all you want. We both know that you must have glanced at the coverage about Taylor Swift going bad or Pippa Middleton’s wedding. Even if it’s just reading the byline, you’re somewhat interested. Admit it.

From a reader point of view, celebrity news can be beneficial in such a way that people can use these news/information to socialize with others around them on a relatable level.

We are obsessed with celebrities because despite their glamorous lives, when they get arrested for DUI or when Paris Hilton got arrested for marijuana possession, we don’t feel that sorry for ourselves. We use celebrity news to learn information about the “flawless” rich and famous, in order to compare ourselves to them.

So, my intelligent reader who doesn’t care about celebrity news (yeah, right), the rest of the world do care even if they don’t admit it. Because of that, journalist give celebrities the needed attention to feed our habits.

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