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Tell me a story with Steller

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Visual photography and videography has been an important way of life since the introduction of social media. We take photos and videos to share our lives with the people around us. We want to tell the story of our lives. What if I told you there is another media platform where you can tell your story in a much more artistic and intricate way.

Introducing Steller



Steller is a mobile storytelling app that allows you to tell your story with an emphasis on design. One of the designers for this app is Karen Poole, who shared with The Next Web about the goal for this app, “Everything out there was Web first and mobile second… We wanted to create an app that was specifically designed for mobile, enabling real-time, authentic and on-the-go storytelling.”

Who can use Steller?

Anyone with a story to tell. When I first started using Steller, I wanted to tell my story about my workout routine. I know it’s not really a story but it is one of the most important part of my life that has been with me when I was going through tough time. Steller allowed me to tell my story and I was able to share how depression has almost taken over me.

There are people who use this app for photography business, to share the thoughts of their pets, travel photos, etc. As long as you’ve got a story to tell, Steller is the app for you.

Why is Steller the next best thing?

To start off, I was shocked to learn about Steller. When I started using it, I was even more shocked that it isn’t a mainstream media platform yet. Steller has simple to use tools, such as pre-designed borders and lets you upload any media you want. In my Steller stories, I’ve used several photos and even a video documenting my workout and my day without any technology. It is quick and simple, and I got my first Steller story ready and uploaded in just 15minutes.

It is a different media platforms from Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. The difference is mainly it brings out the aesthetic of your stories in comparison to the other media platforms. Steller can be used as a digital photo album that puts video, photo, and your thoughts together.

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